• General occupational therapy evaluation

  • Specific occupational therapy evaluation (fine motor skills, handwriting skills, etc.)

  • Intensive treatment for clients coming from other parts of the country or from abroad. These are individualized programs, lasting between one and three weeks. Besides direct treatment, this program provides comprehensive parent education, consulting with child’s care providers at home and creating an effective home program to continue progress after therapy at Treehouse Center is completed.

  • Specialty treatments such as listening therapies, visual-vestibular intervention or feeding therapy can be provided when warranted by the child’s difficulties.

  • Telehealth treatment. For clients who have difficulties accessing pediatric occupational therapy where they live, we offer secure, HIPAA compliant sessions.

  • Parent support. It is our core belief that the child will progress faster when parents and therapists are working together. We encourage parents to schedule regular meetings with the therapist (either in person, on the phone or through our telehealth platform).

  • Parent education. Please follow our calendar for the next scheduled workshop.

  • Mentoring. As clinicians, we often find ourselves in need of a soundboard. Our center offers unique supervision services for clinicians, both experienced or at the beginning of their careers. We help with clinical problem solving particular cases or treatment strategies. The supervision is offered in person, over the phone, Skype or our telehealth platform.



Благодаря обучению у Анастасии Иваненко методу развития сенсорной интеграции мой подход в работе с детьми стал более глубоким, целостным, профессиональным и системным. Результаты работы с детьми просто удивляют и радуют. Благодарю Настю за помощь, обучение, супервизии и наставничество!!! Для меня лично и для всех специалистов нашего центра очень ценно работать под супервизией Анастасии! Надеемся на дальнейшее сотрудничество.

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